Experienced software developer with a strong foundation in full stack development with experience in a wide range of tools & technologies.

Through working with both small & large companies, I have gained a great understanding of the importance of focusing on the customer & operational requirements of software development while still aiming to deliver well designed & scalable solutions.

I continuously focus on trying to improve my engineering knowledge and exposure to new technologies through rss feeds, online courses, personal projects and meetup events.



Dublin, Ireland

Senior Member of Technical Staff - Tech Lead

Oct 2022 - Present


Dublin, Ireland

Senior Software Engineer Technical Lead

May 2021 - Sept 2022

Senior Software Engineer

Jan 2021 - May 2021

Software Engineer

July 2019 - Jan 2021

Part of the Foundation – Edge team, which has responsibility for the Edge networking infrastructure which handles all inbound traffic. Focus on developing API & Kafka driven pipelines to safely deliver dynamic configuration to reverse proxies & DNS systems.

Key Tasks

  • Technical Lead for the team which included
    • Designing technical requirements & system architecture changes for projects
    • Engineer point of contact for any new & existing products our team managed
    • Collaborated with engineers from other teams on proof of concepts & org level projects
    • Worked with management to plan upcoming quarters & projects
  • Focus on operational reliability by designing SLI & SLO metrics backed by dashboards, alerts, detailed documentation & runbooks
  • Mentored junior developers by pairing with them on tasks and educating them on our stack
  • Part of Engineering Onboarding team, running sessions for all new engineers in the company
  • Scala
  • AWS
  • Kubernetes
  • S3
  • SQS
  • Nginx
  • Go
  • Terraform
  • Aurora DB
  • Consul K/V
  • Datadog


Dublin, Ireland

Software Engineer

June 2014 - May 2019

Part of the development team that design, built & delivered the Company's CMS Product.

Key Tasks

  • Lead Developer on multiple projects
  • Introduced CICD pipeline to move company away from manual tasks
    • Included automating both code & database building, testing, packing & deployments
  • Initiated migration of the product to the Cloud with a focus on security & user auth
  • Purchasing, installation and management of internal server hardware running ESXi
  • Member of internal best practices group to improve project workflow in the company
  • C#
  • Sql Server
  • JavaScript
  • Azure
  • TeamCity
  • OctopusDeploy
  • CSS

Bank of Ireland, Retail Credit Division

Dublin, Ireland

Risk Analyst

Feb 2013 – Sep 2013

  • SAS Enterprise Miner
  • Excel
  • Visual Basic
  • MS Access DB


BSc in Computer Science

Dublin Institute of Technology

Sep 2010 - May 2014

First Class Honours

Eoin Farrell


    • Programming
    • Java
    • Scala
    • C#
    • SQL
    • Javascript
    • Golang
    • Bash
      Developer Tools
    • Git
    • Docker
    • AWS
    • Kubernetes
    • Jenkins
    • Github Actions
    • Cloudflare
    • Datadog


  • Cycling
  • Running